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Live Streaming?

Are you creating an event, a meeting, or you simple want to reach your audience even from a distance? VisionLIVE can record it and stream it on the web making it accessible to anyone you want, anywhere in the world.  Thanks to an advanced control system, we provide you a smooth and uninterrupted transmission, visible from any computer, tablet or smartphone device

Who wants 

Live Streaming?

  • Wedding and other ceremonies

  • Events

  • DJ sets

  • Restaurants & Cousins

  • Businesses who wants to show their products & services to clients on distance 

  • Conferenze & Webinars

Scouting location and coordination

Before each event we agree with the location you have chosen to carry out the technical inspection and evaluate all that is necessary for optimal video production. 

  • Inside and outside locations

  • Smooth Internet connection

  • Professional equipment: Nikon & DJI

  • Creative lightning of your space

We guarantee video and audio quality product

Forget the usual boring shots

LIVE Streaming Video is a solution designed specifically for those who want to train remotely without giving up the involvement and the charge of emotions that the live event brings.

  • Multiple cameras  (4max)

  • Cameras in movement (gimble)

  • Wireless signal transmission

  • Mobile control system

  • Radio microphones

  • Licensed drone

All the benefits you haven't considered yet:

No audience limit

Your event becomes accessible everywhere: just a simple click to see everything that happens on stage and relive the same emotions of the audience in the hall. All in real time

Lower your costs

Offering Live Streaming Video is convenient: for each person who remotely attends, you save part of the costs of board and lodging, which too often weigh on the budget of the event

More profit margin

With Live Streaming Video you can propose your event even to those who will not be present in the location. A valid alternative for your participants, an additional earning opportunity for you


We use classic digital production and new computer systems. Over the years we have invested in light  cutting-edge video equipment that guarantee high video quality

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